Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

For those seeking the natural beauty of Arizona rivers and nature preserves than there is no better place than Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge. With miles and miles of nature trails, hikers have endless opportunities to see some of Arizona most diverse flora and fauna. While those that prefer to see the refuge without walking will find plenty of options for canoeing and boating down the river.

Quartzsite Adventures

While there are numerous locations to rent UTV’s throughout Arizona, one of the closest is Quartzsite Adventures located in southeast Quartzsite Arizona. Many visitors to Arizona love the freedom of going off-road and as a result return to the state year after year to race through the open expanses. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to forget about white lines, stop signs, and traffic jams.

Buckskin Mountain State Park

It doesn’t matter if you can’t decide between taking a hike in the mountains or spending the day playing on, and in, the Colorado River when you visit Buckskin Mountain State Park. The park offers beautiful vistas of the Colorado River and Arizona landscape from Buckskin Mountain, while being within walking distance of numerous boating and swimming areas where it meets the river.

Quartzsite Desert Flyers

The vast open spaces of Arizona allow for many different activities and hobbies for enthusiasts, for example the members of the Quartzsite Desert Flyers. While participating in using RC aircraft at the location requires having an AMA membership, the general public is welcome to come experience the wonderful spectacle of large scale model planes racing across the Arizona sky.

Elevate Your Experience

After a long day of adventuring, come gain plentiful relaxation here at Holiday Palms RV Resort. Not only is it affordable to reside in this glorious park, but it’s located around some of the greatest sights in all of Arizona. Quartzsite is the place to be.

Road to Wonders

Travel to your heart’s desires when you find yourself living your dream of pure exploration in the adventure filled land known as Arizona. Quartzsite connects to all roads destined for the great sights of Arizona. Fill your craving for unique experiences by starting your travels from here today!

Abundance of adventures await...