Below is a collection of our favorite RV Tips & Tricks for Beginners. They’re simple, affordable, and easy to implement solutions for every day problems – Enjoy!


#1 – Invest in a Two-Way Radio, It’s Well Worth It!


Two-way radios are super handy to have while RV camping! You and your friends/family might be off playing a game of horseshoes or out by the pool. Their phone might be on silent, but as long as they keep their two-way radio handy you’ll never lose each other for too long!


Plus, they’re just so much fun! They’re great for families who get separated easily. By making a fun game out of keeping in touch it’ll encourage kids to have the radio on them more often. 


#2 – Keep Things from Sliding in the RV!


It’s inevitable – You’re on your next adventure, but in order to get there you’re going to be on the road for at least a few hours. Even the smoothest terrain is bound to have a bump or two, or maybe even a surprise turn every now and then. You might be wondering, How do you keep an RV drawer from opening?, well, when there’s a will there’s a way!


The items listed below are built to withstand twists, turns, and any other unforeseen events.


Furniture Straps


To keep furniture from moving around, I highly recommend using furniture straps. They won’t leave any markings on your furniture, are easy to set up and are affordably priced. 


Especially when you consider how much new furniture costs to repair when damaged, a couple of furniture straps will set your mind at ease knowing you’re favorite chair is secure and will be coming along with you on your next big adventure safely.


Fridge Lock


I can think of few things worse than looking forward to eating your favorite sandwich that you prepared special for your trip, only to have it fly out of your fridge in the middle of your trip and land in the dogs bowl who’s enjoying it right in front of your very eyes!


Although Fido isn’t fond of fridge locks, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep your fridge door closed at all times! Well, unless you’re hungry and ready to eat that sandwich!


Cabinet and Drawer Latches


Plates, bowls, cups, forks, and knives are just a few of the items you’re going to want to make sure as secure and won’t end up all of your RV before you get to your next destination. Cabinet and drawer latches won’t leave marks and they’re another inexpensive item that will help you have a stress-free ride. 


Quake Hold for the TV

A must have if you don’t already have one! TV straps can be added to and removed from your TV relatively easily and with no lasting marks. If you’re on the go and want to make sure you’ll be able to catch the next game on your flat screen then you need TV straps!


Double Sided Tape


The things you can use double sided tape for are endless! And we all know that when you’re on the road, tape fixes jus about everything! Well, if that’s true, then double-sided tape must be even better to have! It’s great at securing items to walls, counter tops and minor fixes you’d be shocked tape could fix.


#3 – Looking for some great RV lighting ideas? Well great, I have two!


Solar String Lights


Set the mood without breaking the bank with these Waterproof LED Fairy Solar String Lights! They’re easy to put up, take down, and run on solar energy! Being great for the environment and easy on the wallet makes these a favorite for mobile home and brick and mortar home owners alike. 


Flameless Decorative Candles


These are perfect for romantic dinners, reading at night, or if you’re just looking to fall asleep with a night light – Highly recommend these! You won’t ever have to worry about falling asleep with the candles on, you can even use these while on the go! They make life as beautiful and easy as it should be!


#4 – If You’re Looking for a Bit of Privacy and Are Wondering How You Can Divide a Room, Door Beds Have Always Been My Go To!


Door beads are as pretty as they are fun while being cheap and easy to hang up. You can design your RV to have a Japanese feel, or maybe you like flowers more? Perhaps you’d like to wake up to this Hawaiian Beauty? Whatever your taste is, I’m sure there are door beads out there that were made just for you!


#5 – For Those Late Risers, You’ll Want to Move past Just Room Darkening and Invest in Some Good Blackout Curtains for Your Mobile Home


Black out curtains 100% block out light by using a thicker fabric than more regular curtains. Because of this, whenever you’re feeling like you’re ready for a nap, all you have to do is shut the curtains and drift off to dreamland! 




Living the RV life means you’re completely free to travel where you want when you want, and there are few other groups of people that are nearly as resourceful! 


These are just a few of our favorite RV tips and tricks that will help ensure the time you spend in your RV, whether on the road or parked in an RV park, is spent as happily and as stress-free as possible. 


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