1. Privacy, Quiet, & Space

One of the benefits of living in an RV year round is the privacy you’ll get from your neighbors. When you move into an RV park, you’ll have more space surrounding your mobile home than if you were living in an apartment building. 

For most apartments you’re lucky if your window doesn’t face a wall! When living in an RV your space is yours and all the space surrounding the RV can be enjoyed by you and your family. Making it perfect for barbecuing, getting a tan, and playing with the pups! 

When you live in an apartment, you share walls and entryways with your neighbors. On the flip side when living in an RV park, you’ll wave hello to your closest neighbors and won’t ever have to worry about sleepless nights because your upstairs neighbors decided to open a bowling alley in their apartment!

When living in a RV park full time you’ll come to enjoy the sounds of nature instead of cars honking and sirens going off at all hours of the night! 

2. A Strong Sense of Community

When moving into a year round RV park there’s a much stronger sense of community than moving into even the friendliest of apartment complexes. At Holiday Palms, we have on site daily activities like bingo, quilting, cookie bakes, line dancing, and movie nights. 

We also have potlucks, Holiday dinners, music jams, poker, and pokino! Not to mention the games that are available to residents like horseshoes!

RV communities are different. Permanent RV parks are filled with like-minded people who chose to live a life filled with adventure and endless possibilities! 


3. Escaping Winter – Become an Arizona Snowbird!

One of the biggest benefits of living in an extended stay RV park is the ability to come and go as you please. This is the sort of flexibility you definitely don’t have when living in an apartment or a house. 

Being able to move around so freely means when the temperature starts to dip below 50, you can pack up the kids and go! Make sure to send a postcard to your friends and family back home of you getting a tan under a palm tree while they’re shoveling snow! 

Having the flexibility to escape winter and have some fun in the sun is a huge perk! No more shoveling snow in the yard or wearing 10 layers of jackets to stay warm. All of that is a thing of the past! 

Arizona is a popular choice for many snowbirds for it’s great weather! There are also incredible hiking trails, national parks, and great food too!


4. Travel!!! If You’re Wondering Where You Can Travel with an RV, the Answer Is Anywhere You Want!

Living permanently in a mobile home means you have complete freedom. You can plan an incredible road trip spanning across all 50 states or you can find your favorite spot in the country and set up camp. Being a part of an RV community long term means making friendships that will last a lifetime.

The options are endless!


5. Make It Your Own – All the Benefits of Living in a House Without All the Cost

There are some incredible things you can do to make your RV look and feel just like any other brick and mortar home. You can redo the floors, bathroom, and cabinets the same way you would for any other non-mobile home. 

If you find a full time RV park you’d like to live in long term, you can really set up camp! Surrounding your RV with beautiful plants will give it a more tropical feel while also providing some additional shade to you and yours! 


6. Did We Mention the Amenities?

When you come to an extended stay RV park, you should have everything you could possibly need to have the perfect stay! 

Long term RV parks include tons of amenities! For example, here at Holiday Palms RV Park we offer our guests Amenities ranging from the basics like laundry, Free WiFi, and cable TV, to the extras like our hot tub, fitness center, and car wash. We’re also pet friendly! 


7. Activities and Attractions You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

You won’t find these activities at any apartment building! At Holiday Palms we want you to have the time of your life! That’s why we have on site arts & crafts, cabaret nights, co-ed water aerobics, and a computer club!

We’re located near great trails and offer sightseeing tours. One of our favorite trails is  the Arizona Peace Trail which has thousands of miles of historical mining roads. We’re also near Lake Havasu which is a favorite to locals and visitors alike. 


8. How Much Does It Cost to Live in an RV Full Time?

With the average cost of a home in America being $200,000, and the average down payment percentage being around 6% of the purchase price, you’re looking at a hefty sum of money up front. RV’s are considerably less expensive, costing half as much as a standard homes if not less!

Long term RV parks often have flexible daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal rates. With deals being given to residents who stay longer. 

If you’re wondering how much it costs to live in a RV park, view our Rates or Call us Today! (928) 927-5666


As you can see there are so many reasons to live in an RV year round. Finding the right RV park to live in will help make that experience even more enjoyable. From amenities and activities to being within close proximity to local attractions, great hiking trails, restaurants and more! Your time in an extended stay RV park will create memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family!

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Holiday Palms RV Park is located in Quartzsite, AZ. Our RV park grounds are well maintained and offer guests tons of amenities, proximity to scenic nature trails and local attractions for the whole family!

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